CBS Debuts Education, Wellness Ad To Aid Eco-Focus

Expanding its public service efforts, CBS will launch education and wellness marketing programs to complement its environmental-green campaign.

Two new programs -- “EducationAd” and “WellnessAd” -- have begun with marketing and nonprofit partners, including General Motors, Chevrolet, and Ronald McDonald House and Starlight’s Children Foundation.

This follows a environmental effort, EcoAd, which launched CBS' new public service push. The umbrella division, CBS EcoMedia, will look for partners for EcoAd, EducationAd and WellnessAd advertising programs -- available across all CBS platforms -- linking those marketers with social improvement projects.

General Motors signed on as a partner with EcoMedia over the last year.

“We value the tremendous contribution EcoMedia has made not only within CBS in growing our offerings to advertisers, but more importantly, to the numerous communities that have directly benefited from the projects EcoMedia has implemented,” stated Leslie Moonves, president and chief executive officer of CBS Corp.



Other marketers participating in previous EcoMedia efforts include: Philadelphia tri-state Cadillac Dealers, Supernetwork Buick GMC Dealers, The Colorado Chevy Dealers, Energizer, Elephant Insurance Services, Cirque du Soleil, Select Comfort, Snapple and Waste Management.

CBS did not reveal the financial terms of these deals. But Paul Polizzotto, president and founder, CBS EcoMedia, stated:  “We set out to design a business model that could harness the billions of dollars spent annually on advertising to support projects championed by the country’s leading nonprofits.”

Program logos for EcoAd, EducationAd and WellnessAd are placed in TV commercials presented on the CBS platform, letting viewers know that an advertiser has funded projects. 

Some of those projects could include lighting and other energy efficiency retrofits, solar power installations, organic gardens, tree plantings, mobile health clinics, family comfort programs, fitness zones, education scholarships, school supplies and nutritious meals for school children in underserved communities.

In 2008, after successfully partnering with CBS on a number of environmental projects, EcoMedia -- which started up in 2002 -- struck a deal to be part of CBS.

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