AdSafe Secures $10 Mil To Further Viewability, Predictive Technology

Scott-KnollPaying for ad impressions that viewers can see on the screen without scrolling has become just as important as ensuring that branded ads aren't served next to inappropriate content.

AdSafe Media CEO Scott Knoll said that business model helped the company secure another $10 million in funding from Pelion Venture Partners, Atlas Venture, and Coriolis Ventures. It brings total investments to $20 million.

Previous investments Founder Collective and others helped AdSafe build predictive technology that supports content rating, contextual metrics and "viewability" data to make better online ad-buying decisions, including those sold through real-time-bidding (RTB) platforms.

AdSafe's technology serves more than 1 billion ads daily, but also blocks ads from serving up next to inappropriate content, according to Knoll. It also prevents an ad from showing up on the page even before the technology comes back with a bid.

Knoll said the company will invest funds to build out its data science team and technology. "Scaling the operation means expanding on places for the platform to bid on ad space, but then you lose control of where ads serve up."

Desktop presents more issues than mobile. Knoll said mobile and video offer different challenges. Mobile apps become less of a problem because they typically sit within walled gardens. Expect video to become another growth area to monitor.

Knoll said AdSafe also will work to improve "viewability," an initiative that is underway at the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Some 37% of ad impressions are counted, but don't serve up in view. The company will work on technology and metrics to determine success, as well as whether it makes sense to change the way that brands pay for impressions.

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  1. Rafael Cosentino from Telanya, April 18, 2012 at 12:43 p.m.

    Congrats Adsafe...a much needed barometer for advertisers in the noisy online ad space.

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