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The Matter With Mobile Microsoft

How goes Microsoft’s big mobile comeback? By some measures, not so great. In the three months ending in February, for instance, Microsoft's share of U.S. smartphone subscribers was 3.9% -- down from 5.2% last November and 7.7% last February, according to comScore. “Even now, more than a year after Microsoft started shipping Windows Phone 7 devices, U.S. mobile customers are getting rid of Microsoft devices faster than they're buying new ones,” remarks ReadWriteWeb.

“Longer term, Microsoft's share has been in a freefall: comScore had it at 18% at the end of 2009, and 36% in late 2007, the year Apple introduced the iPhone.” Since then, Apple and Google have secured the bulk of the smartphone market, with more than 80% of U.S. smartphones, by comScore's latest calculations. What’s the matter with Microsoft?

For one, “Microsoft's phones -- though decent -- just aren't good enough to demand attention,” suggests RWW. “They're certainly better now than they used to be -- especially the new Lumia series from Nokia -- but that isn't enough. To cause any real damage to Apple or Google, Microsoft's phones would have to be dramatically better than the competition, and they just aren't.”




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