Pew Data: Only 6% Of Teens Use Email Daily

Morgan Stewart, CEO of Trendline Interactive and programming chair at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit, began day two of the event with some data from the Pew Internet research origanization.

Data included came from a nationally representative telephone survey of U.S. adults and teens (on landlines and cell phones).

Somewhat jarring stat: With teenagers, only 6% of use email daily, while 39% say they never use email.

But Stewart suggested email use may increase as more teens get smartphones. "Email and mobile are starting to converge in a way that we could not have imagined just a couple of years ago," he said.

Data shows 37% of consumers say they use email more often since getting a smartphone, 29% say accessing email on a smartphone is "as good as accessing email on a desktop/laptop computer," but 36% say using email on a smartphone limits an ability to use email to its full capacity.

More broadly, going back to 2000, Pew dat shows 46% of U.S. adults used the Internet, while 5% had home broadband connections. Now, 82% of U.S. adults use the Internet and 2/3 have broadband access at home.

46% in 2012 are smartphone users and 14% have tablets and 2/3 are wireless Internet users.

In 2000, 92% of adult Internet users used email, while in 2012 91% use email. In 2000, though, the figure represented 47% of adults, this year that equates to 70% of all adults.

In 2012, mobile devices are a critical part of daily life. 66% use smartphones daily for email, while 50% access Facebook on it daily.


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