SEO To Tap Wisdom Of Crowds


Brands typically spend more than one-quarter of their marketing budgets on content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute. It turns out that article posts and social media are the most popular tactics used by 79% and 74% of business-to-business marketers, respectively.

Should writers and bloggers become involved in the process of optimizing content on Web sites? Optimizing content is not new, but a disconnect in the process of creating better optimized content by finding commonalities between copy, social links and search engine optimization strategies continues to create challenges.

InboundWriter, a platform designed for writers who want to better optimize content, recently released the Topic Buzz module to reveal social media activity related to specific topics. Topic Buzz searches Twitter for the most relevant articles being circulated, and presents findings to the user in the Buzz section of the product interface.



The platform enables writers to stay informed about articles and content being shared on Twitter and other social sites and identify the people tweeting the content. The Buzz screen displays the popularity of suggested articles being shared, associated hashtags, and the Twitter name of the person, or influencer, who is tweeting about the content, according to Jay McCarthy, VP of marketing at InboundWriter. It takes best practices for online marketing and embeds it into a coaching system.

This tool is not about supporting the technical SEO gurus, but rather the writers who want to support company SEO strategies. McCarthy said it's about capitalizing on the buzz from crowds on social sites like Twitter. 

Ongoing Google Panda requirements suggest that marketers need to pay closer attention to optimizing text and social content. Platforms like Buzz deliver insights from a variety of Web sources such as search and social media, allowing writers to optimize quality content. Documents created are scored on a scale of 1 to 100, based on their ability for searchers to find them in queries.

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