Email Marketer Touts Pinterest Enthusiastically

Liz Gould, who works in strategic accounts at Experian CheetahMail, said she is advising clients to use Pinterest.

She's found that Pinterest users that come to Web sites are showing higher conversion rates. Their Pinterest use looks to generate a certain engagement with a brand and lead to making purchases sooner.

She said retailer Barneys has been particularly artful at using Pinterest, by integrating it with their Web site and email programs.

She said she would encourage marketers to test ways to place Pinterest into email subject lines.

There are concerns about preventing Pinterest from becoming too commercialized, but she said there is opportunity to use it as a way to generate email sign-ups. She suggested the industry work together to capitalzie on that. "Maybe we could all put our heads together to do it," she said at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit.

Emphasizing her Pinterest evangelism, she said: “Don’t just think about social as Facebook.”

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