iVillage Triples Video Programming with Topics Like How to Keep Apple Slices from Browning

Ah, the dreaded apple in the lunchbox quandary. As anyone who’s ever tried to send a kid to school with apple slices for a snack knows, kids just don’t like to eat apples when they brown. Sure, you could put a whole apple in the lunchbox, but for some reason, today’s kids seem to want their fruit pre cut. (Don’t get me started on this!)

Alas, there is a solution. Slice the apple, but then “reassemble” it and keep it together with a rubber band.

That’s one of the many ideas that’ll be featured in a new video series NBCUniversal’s iVillage launched yesterday called “My Best Idea,” that marks the start of a tripling of video fare on the site as iVillage aims to go after more video dollars. Online video ad spending is on track to grow 40% this year to $3.1 billion, eMarketer has said. The show has also landed its first advertiser in Tostitos, which will sponsor eight episodes starting later this month, in a deal that calls for brand integration and lower-thirds on the show.



I’ve watched a few episodes and this show has real promise. It’s well-produced, short and snappy, and features those sort of “a-ha” moments where you find a simple solution to a nagging problem. “My Best Idea” mixes viewer feedback and ideas with cool lifestyle tip shared by hosts “The Kissters,” the sister duo of Claudia and Adriane Kiss, who have become known for their frugal lifestyle advice.

Each episode also includes real tips from iVillage viewers via video on topics such as how to use the clips on pants or skirts hanger for more chip clips (Who doesn’t lose chip clips?), or how to bring a salad to work using a jar (so the lettuce doesn’t get soggy). iVillage said it developed the show based on studies it had conducted with viewers who said they wanted more tips and information on every day solutions to make their lives easier.

As it boots its video fare, next up will be more beauty Web series.

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