Martini's Brand: It's The Data, Stupid, Why Not Show The Right Kind?

Skip Brand, founder and CEO of Martini Media, is making a great point about the publisher upside in the RTB marketplace, which is that it can only create higher value (ie. higher CPMs) if publishers and data exchanges begin showing the kind of data that will drive higher value.

For example, if you are a publisher with inventory that you know will create higher “brand lift” or that will have a higher “GRP score,” Brand said that data would actually drive higher value from advertisers and agencies, even in an RTB environment, but only if the data is there.

Brand spoke about incorporating “real-time case studies” about the value of a publisher’s inventory.

“We talk about making measurement matter. It really should be making measurement make money,” Brand said to a smattering of applause, presumably from some sell-side attendees.


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