In The Future, RTB Gurus Will Be More Polite

That was my first impression from listening to Jeff Greenfield, COO of C3 Metrics speaking on OMMA RTB’s “Attribution” panel.

In fact, Greenfield said he feels like he is “from the future, talking to all you here, helping ot guide you into the future.”

The reason for his futuristic reference, is that of all the boxes that previous presenter Adconion’s Ben Fox said would be disintermediated through the consolidation of the big ad tech players, attribution wasn’t one that would be eaten up by bigger players.

The reason why future people like Greenfield are more polite than contemporary RTB gurus, is that unlike the panelists on an earlier panel, he didn’t drop any F-bombs. Well, maybe just a small one.

“I think that things are moving , really freakin fast,” he said, adding, “But don’t worry, because, in the future, things will all work out okay.”


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