Want Reach? How About Global, Is That Enough Reach For You?

That’s more or less what Allen DeBevoise, the CEO of Machinima is saying during his opening Q&A at OMMA Video this morning.

“We are global from the onset,” he said, while being interviewed by Josh Cohen, co-founder of Tubefilter.

What DeBevoise meant is, that from a brand’s point-of-view, a pure Web play video distributor like Machinima inherently has better potential reach than any TV company distributing via terrestrial, cable of satellite TV.

The key, he is implying, is the ability to reach an audience, and in the case of young men, Machinima is doing a pretty good job of not just reaching them, but holding their attention for a long time.

The success of Machinima, a programming network distributed exclusively via YouTube and its own website, got YouTube parent Google’s attention, because recently it took a significant minority stake in Machinima.


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