AOL's Harnevo: TV Is Not Broken - Yet!

Ah, those caveats. They’ll get you every time, right? During the OMMA Video afternoon conversation between AOL On Network’s Ran Harnevo and MediaPost columnist Cathy Taylor, Harnevo characterized the current TV/video marketplace in a pretty honest way. Unlike a lot of digital chest-beaters, he acknowledged that “TV is not broken,” but then, after the appropriate dramatic pause, added, “yet!.”

Probed by Taylor Harnevo said he didn’t know what would ultimately break TV’s successful, entrenched business model, but said it’s already starting to fray at the edges, due to the legions of connected TV platforms that are emerging in consumer households – and handhelds – training viewers that they can view without conventional TV access.

“Something will happen,” Harnevo predicted, speculating, “Apple will buy HBO, I don’t know.”


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