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Women On Social Media Ideal Targets For Ads, Expert Says

A marketing expert has identified female Facebook and Twitter fanatics as ideal targets for social media marketers working with e-commerce companies. Gail Parminter, who works with brands looking to engage with women online, claims that females are likely to use social media for research before making an online purchase; possibly asking their connected friends for recommendations. Due to this, Parminter believes marketers have to put more effort into angling their advertisements and social media marketing campaigns towards women.

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  1. Christina Lee from Image Perspective, May 28, 2012 at 11:43 p.m.

    Women are great shoppers, smart and methodical - this has been the case for decades. Now they have found the web and not allowed the cluster of online shopping to sway them. They are savvy and do their research, this is no surprise that targeting women with e-commerce is the trend - finding engaging marketing techniques is the key -great reliable reviews are essential, product pictures, videos and descriptions.

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