Comcast Xfinity Campaign To Have Olympic Proportions

Brian-Roberts-BComcast is set to take advantage of its NBCUniversal platforms during the Olympics to ramp up a campaign looking to position Xfinity as more than a service -- as an experience. The brand launched in 11 markets in February of 2010 and has spread throughout Comcast’s footprint since. 

CEO Brian Roberts said Friday that Xfinity represents “infinite choices” on multiple platforms “which is the X.” The campaign will take pains to distinguish Comcast from a cable company and Roberts hinted that Apple has been an inspiration.

“It’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPod … it’s a certain reliability and experience that you’re pleased with,” Roberts said at an investor event.



“We know what success looks like and we’ve got so many great products and we need to tell people … and we’re doing in some ways better on the delivery than we are on the telling,” he added.

Comcast recently announced it was moving ahead with a new X1 platform, which includes a remote control app that allows “motion and gesture control” via an iPhone or iPod touch. Among other functions, a shaking of the device can pause on-demand content. Comcast has also launched the capability to make video calls via Skype on the TV screen while a show is playing.

Comcast is looking to deemphasize unwieldy set-top boxes and Roberts said a goal is to “have more of the X1 experiences running on other devices than on our own devices in the next couple of years.”

“The way you do that is you get it on smart TVs,” he added. “We’re working with Samsung-- we’re working with Microsoft. We’re very prepared to work with others.”

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