US Top Digital Out-Of-Home Market in 28 Countries

According to the Global Digital Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2012-2016, by PQMedia, total global DOOH revenues, generated by digital place-based networks, billboards and signage operators, increased 15.3% to $6.97 billion in 2011, driven by double-digit growth in both the APAC and Americas regions, the largest and fastest-growing DOOH regions.

Expansion into new venues and markets, enhanced features, and mobile and social media tie-ins fueled double-digit growth in the global digital out-of-home industry in 2011, making it one of the fastest-growing and vibrant advertising media in the world. Excluding the cinema venue, which is considered a traditional medium in many countries and is therefore vulnerable to weak economic conditions, global DOOH revenues surged 25.4%. Global DOOH generated 17.6% of worldwide OOH advertising revenues in 2011.

Global Digital Out-of-Home Media – Historical Revenues ($ Millions, rounded to closest million; CAGR 2006-2011)





Americas DOOH




Asia Pacific DOOH




Europe DOOH




Middle East & Africa DOOH




Total Global DOOH




% Share of OOH




Source: PQ Media, April 2012

The APAC region expanded 21% to $2.81 billion in 2011, driven by double-digit growth in the largest market, China. The Americas ranked second in terms of total size and 2011 growth, with revenues up 12.8% to $2.47 billion, due to strong growth in the second-largest market in the Americas, Brazil, as well as solid gains in the third-largest market, Canada.

Strong growth in Brazil and Canada offset slower gains in the US, the largest market in the Americas. Europe generated $1.58 billion in total DOOH revenues, up 10.6%, fueled by the largest market, the UK, and emerging markets, such as Russia, which posted the region’s strongest growth.

Revenues from global digital place-based networks (DPN) exceeded revenues from digital billboards, but DBBs grew at a faster pace. DPN revenues advanced 11.8% to $5.09 billion in 2011, driven by double-digit growth in the APAC region. The other regions exhibited only single-digit gains during the year.

DBB revenues grew 26% to $1.88 billion, fueled by strong growth across all four regions. While APAC was the largest DBB market in 2011, Europe generated the strongest growth at 29%. Europe is experiencing a faster rate of new deployments than APAC, due in part to the upcoming London Olympics. In addition, the APAC DBB market faced a setback in 2011 when the tsunami in Japan destroyed signage and advertiser inventory.

The US is the largest DOOH market among the 28 countries tracked for this report, with $2.05 billion in revenues in 2011. China ranks second with $1.44 billion in revenues, followed by Japan with $759 million. Although the US has the largest DOOH market, DOOH revenues represent less than 30% of the OOH market in the US. Thailand’s DOOH market represents nearly 50% of Thailand’s OOH market, the highest percentage among the 28 countries ranked. Brazil follows with 33%.

2011 Digital Out-of-Home Media Revenue Rankings by Market


Revenue ($Millions)

United States






United Kingdom












South Korea








South Africa


Source: PQ Media, April 2012

US DOOH operator revenue increased 11.1% to $2.05 billion in 2011, driven by strong double-digit growth among DBB operators and high single-digit growth from DPN operators. The overall US DOOH industry expanded at a CAGR of 14% in the 2006-11 period.

United States DOOH – Historical Revenues (US$ Millions, rounded)

DOOH Platform




Digital Place-based Networks




Digital Billboards








% Share of Total OOH1




Source: PQ Media, April 2012

Growth was hindered by slower ad spend in all five venue categories, particularly cinema. Revenues increased at a CAGR of 10.7% from 2006 to 2011, driven by double-digit upside in the corporate & healthcare, entertainment & education, and transit categories. US DBB revenues increased 20.4% to $638 million in 2011 and posted a 24% CAGR in the 2006-11 period, fueled primarily by strong double-digit growth in the biggest location category, roadside.

GDOOH revenues are expected to increase 19.2% in 2012 to $8.30 billion, as DOOH operators expand DPN networks to new venues and markets, install DBBs in more locations, and incorporate enhanced and interactive features. US DOOH revenues are expected to grow 12.5% to $2.3 billion in 2012, driven by double-digit growth in both the DPN and DBB segments.

For additional information from PQ Media, and access to the complete report and Executive Summary, please go here.


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