Vevo Bows Award for Videos Exceeding 100 Million Views

Music video site Vevo has created a seal of approval for videos that exceed 100 million views. Called “Certified," the new award program will begin by honoring Justin Bieber, who leads all artists with 8 videos that have crossed the 100 million views milestone.

Vevo wants Certified to become an industry standard that measures the success of a single, much like the Recording Industry Association of America’s silver, gold and platinum designations for record sales.

The company claims that because video view counts on Vevo reach across platforms and devices, it should be the definitive metric for measuring popular success. The music video site measures such digital platforms as YouTube, mobile and tablet devices, Facebook, AOL and Yahoo Music.

Vevo will work with each Certified artist to produce original video programming honoring clips that exceed 100 million views, including behind-the-scenes “Director’s Cut”-type footage, artist commentary, and fans and other artists paying tribute to the honored video. Each series will end with one “Ultimate Fan,” chosen through social media, presenting the Certified statue to the artist.

Certified videos will be given a small badge, and selected artists will be given a two-week featured showcase on the site, which is where fans will be able to access the previously mentioned original programming. 

“Vevo is the authority on music video view counts,” said Doug McVehil, senior vice president, programming, talent & content operations, Vevo. “We receive hundreds of new music videos every month and out of our catalog of more than 7,500 artists, an elite group of just 34 have videos that have exceeded 100 million views. Reaching that threshold is a huge achievement that merits recognition."

The Certified program will open by recognizing Justin Bieber, who has more than 2.5 billion views on his Vevo channel, on June 12. He will be followed by Katy Perry, LMFAO and Selena Gomez.  

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