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  • Esther Dyson: AI Won't Replace People in Show Daily: Videos on 10/10/2017

    Artificial intelligence may be seeping into different departments in the workplace, but it fundamentally doesn't replace people so much as it replaces tasks, Way to Wellville Executive Founder Esther Dyson told Sarah Fay, Managing Director of Glasswing Ventures, during a keynote interview at OMMA at Advertising Week. If you can't define what AI is going to do comprehensively, then it's not going to be able to do it, she added.

  • How Brands Evaluate Influencers in Show Daily: Videos on 10/10/2017

    Is massive reach enough to justify partnering with an influencer today? According to Sarah Anne Spaulding, Social Media Manager and Chief Content Editor for Macy's, it's more important to look at the content an influencer produces and whether that is in line with your brand's messaging, rather than how many likes and followers they have. For Macy's, influencer partnerships are an extension of the brand's creative team, she said during the OMMA at Advertising Week panel "How to Evaluate Influencer Campaigns."

  • Cosabella Finds New Business Through AI in Show Daily: Videos on 10/10/2017

    During his keynote presentation at OMMA at Advertising Week on how artificial intelligence has transformed his company's marketing operations, Cosabella CEO Guido Campello revealed that AI unearthed new segments that the lingerie maker didn't realize could be so important to its bottom line, such as maternity, extended sizing and sleepwear.

  • Machine Learning More Practical Than Sexy in Show Daily: Videos on 10/10/2017

    During his keynote interview at OMMA at Advertising Week, James Brohamer, Marketing Chief of Staff at noted that his company's use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is more practical than sexy. For example, the online retailer matches online and offline CRM signals to build up a customer persona, then uses life stage analysis to tie the data sets together to power product recommendations and on-site search recommendations.

  • SoLoMo Powers Cross-Channel in Show Daily: Videos on 10/10/2017

    During the "Data, IDs and Machines" panel at OMMA at Advertising Week, Liliana Caro, Global CMO, Kinetic Worldwide, highlighted the social-location-mobile trifecta as being particularly effective in facilitating integration across channels and data sets for the out-of-home specialist agency.

  • Consolidation, Competition Good for Buyers in Show Daily: Videos on 10/10/2017

    Speaking on the "Activating Against People-Based Targeting" panel at MediaPost's OMMA at Advertising Week, Oath SVP of Demand Sales Jay Seideman said that consolidation is good for advertisers because it greatly simplifies the media buying landscape, but he also added that competition is important, too, and that he would like to see the Internet advertising business look more like the auto business in terms of the scope of competition.

  • Oath Benefitting from Google-Facebook Duopoly in Show Daily: Videos on 10/10/2017

    Are publishers combating or benefitting from the Google-Facebook duopoly? Speaking on the "Activating Against People-Based Targeting" panel at MediaPost's OMMA at Advertising Week, Oath SVP of Demand Sales Jay Seideman said the Verizon-owned entity actually benefits from the duopoly, due to buyers' frustration at being forced to do business with the Web's two biggest companies.

  • Live Streaming and Expectations: the Bar is Changing in Show Daily: Videos on 03/15/2017

    Consumer expectations for live streaming are necessarily different to those on TV and other legacy media. You no longer need or have the luxury of six months to launch a campaign, Victor Lee, SVP, Digital Marketing told the OMMA at SXSW panel, "Live from Your Favorite Brand: Marketing into the Live Video Stream." The bar is changing, he added.

  • How Live Shows Your Brand Cares in Show Daily: Videos on 03/16/2017

    There is something that shows both how you're in the moment, and how you care about going live, Lincoln Lopez, VP, Marketing and Social Media, T-Mobile, told the OMMA at SXSW audience during the Live From Your Favorite Brand: Marketing into the Live Stream panel in Austin, TX last week. It's raw but it's also authentic, which gives it an amazing power, and consumers appreciate that, Lopez added.

  • News Feeds: Your Personalized Echo Chamber? in Show Daily: Videos on 03/16/2017

    News feeds keep feeding you what you want to see and hear, so how do people learn to absorb opposition viewpoints in the era of social media? As Tom Januszewski, Director of Business Development, the Associated Press says, you have to look at who's making all of this possible: advertisers. Januszewski says advertisers should step in and tell large vendors like Facebook that they won't stand for lies being served to people alongside their brand names.

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