• How The Farmer's Dog Creates Moments That Matter
    Its slogan, "Every dog could live its best life," means something different for every person and dog, Adrian Evans, Growth Marketing Manager, said. "That's where personalization comes into play. It is one small part of how you build a personal relationship."
  • Putting The Customer First At Ancestry.com
    Ancestry is all about people so you'd think it would have been among the people-first crowd of brands but it was only recently that the generational giant became obsessed with customer service. Hear Kathryn Davidson explain how it did that and more.
  • Wherein Aflac Talks About 'Technology Debt'
    Listen as Andy Anderson, who handles media planning & buying management at Aflac, talk about how the model has shifted. We're looking at the evolution of the platform. It's caused us to think more holistically, to bring down some walls." But how quickly are they falling?
  • Consider The D2C Club Advantages At Coppola Wineries
    Janiene Ullrich, EVP, D2C at Francis Ford Coppola Winery, discusses the many things on offer to members, including pools, restaurants, a pavilion for events and even Coppola-sized bocce ball courts!
  • Hiring An Agency Can Help Build Scale -- But Then?
    As the brand has gotten larger, Tomboy X's Lori Gatto is looking to build expertise in-house. "It starts with recruiting and finding good talent. The next wave is to bring that in." Listen as she explains how they'll go about it.
  • Quip's Elliot Friar On Podcasting's Role
    One of the brand's best-performing verticals is podcasts, he says. Listen as he explains the brand's strategy for expansion and new product development beyond the toothbrush. It's rad!
  • Home Shopping Network Is So ... 2019?
    "The Shopping Channel knows its consumer very well. It's all planned out, so you can better organize your inventory. It's different than retail, where the product might move, might not." Words from the wise, folks.
  • Watch For MIT Students On The Fashion Runways
    Oh, those MIT engineering students. What won't they think of next. Here, Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Co-Founder & President, Ministry of Supply, a performance apparel brand based in, where else, Boston, tells his brand's riveting story.
  • When Is A Couch Not A Couch? When It's A Sofa!
    With that distinction, Brant Schmitz, director of performance marketing at BLU DOT, maker of fine furniture, stayed true to his brand. Staying true is even a part of a search for media partners, in that "they have to realize I can't just do a lot of buys because it's not going to work." Hear more performance secrets of the D2Cs!
  • Having A Sense Of Values Drives Growth
    Listen as KEEN's Ash Williams, senior director of global brand marketing, talks about the value of values and suggests a brand create a strategic, moral direction for how you do business. More people are getting behind brands that have values as part of their core, he notes.
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