• Burger King Enjoyed An (Impossible) Whopper Of A 2019
    Listen as Jorge Oliveira, the brand's Lead Media, Digital & Social Channels, rattles off key moments from 2019, including the launch of the Impossible Whopper, that racked up billions of impressions. Impressive!
  • Here's A Brand Whose Marketing Is All PR, Social Engagement
    "Our secret sauce is creating partnerships with different best makers, chefs and farmers, sort of a who's who of that culinary scene of that city," said Salt and Straw CMO Alison Haitt. "We say one plus one equals eleven." It adds up!
  • A&W Franchisees Go Digital, Bit By Bit
    "We still have six restaurants that are cash only," A&W's Liz Bazner said, about which she only found out because there were no reported results. "It was my boring Nancy Drew crime-solving novel." See how she woke them up.
  • Pancheros Lights On Terrific Promotion Idea
    "This one promotion drove 6% in comp and 506% ROI. We got 1.1 million new customer lifetime value. Signups were up 40% and they stayed higher at 8%." You know you want to find out what it was!
  • KFC's Parent Takes Us On A Loyalty Journey
    Yum Brands' Ashley Travis asks this about loyalty programs: "Why do we do it?" Removing friction for consumers is at the top of her list. Although doing it for the data it provides is up there, too. Travis provides a wealth of information here.
  • Fazoli's Gets Franchisees Onboard With Using The App
    The foundation of the journey was about getting buy-in for the app. One way to get buy-in from franchisees, she noted, is to have the company boss mandate it. "The key is to find supporters among your franchisees.
  • Would You Be Prepared To Tweet For $223 Million?
    "The biggest lesson is being ready for change," Popeye's Lisa O'Brien advised. "Surround yourself with people you trust, who have the expertise to make quick decisions." Here's how Popeye's Chicken Sandwich took the world by storm!
  • Does Delivery Really Deliver?
    Negotiation is a sensitive topic, according to Carl's Jr.'sCodie Richards. "Everything is changing every six months. Initially, we wanted exclusivity. That quickly changed. It's a win-win when you have a media buy that they get tagged onto." Listen in.
  • Where Do Media Buyers Find Quality Audiences?
    Media buyers today walk a tightrope in the divisive political atmosphere that spills over into news. "Brand guys want to stay away," Matt Sweeney, chief investment officer at GroupM, bluntly said. But GroupM remains bullish -- on Mike Bloomberg? Listen in!
  • Is Cambridge Analytica To Blame For Privacy Policy 'Explosion'?
    Alison Pepper, SVP, Government Relations at the 4As, suggests a hybrid approach, regulation that would bar companies from using information gleaned via tracking for college admissions, employment decisions, insurance rate decision. "Baseline privacy legislation addresses those harms." Do you agree?
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