• New TV Spenders Leverage Data For Linear, OTT Buys
    Hear how Marissa Jimenez, President of MODI Media, and Jesse Math, VP, Social & OTT at ForwardPMX, grapple with new DTC brands bringing new money, new data and new performance expectations to TV.
  • From Print (Yes, Print!) To (At Least) Social
    When Erin Killion, Director of Media at B2B agency Point to Point, came on board, many clients were still using print. Listen as she talks about how the agency brought clients into the digital age and got them on social, to start.
  • Sleep Number's Long-form Content Draws Viewers In
    In the first of a three-part content series, Josh Jacobs describes his love for the sport and how important it has been to his life. Sleep Number videographers were at the NFL draft in Nashville when Jacobs was recruited by Oakland two months later.
  • Where To Put Your Logo On Video, First Or Last?
    As it leverages deep gamer profiles and customer knowledge across digital video and TV platforms, what has one of the world's largest video game makers learned? EA's Juan Badiola spells it out!
  • Can You Plan Storytelling Among Fractured Screens?
    Pepsi's Kevin Moeller leads a robust discussion on how the many screens of connected TV, OTT, digital video and more cohere into a storytelling plan. Listen as EA's Juan Badiola, Video Investments' Diana Bernstein, and Ocean Media's Jared Lake opine.
  • Why An Unknown Brand Is Choosing TV To Go Big
    Freshly's Kristina Lock shares the brand's use of Facebook/IG to test and iterate media plans that can scale on linear TV and OTT buys next year. Listen to how it tested, tested and tested some more!
  • Haven Life Has A Sweet Partnership With Amazon
    Herein, Matt Myers explains how nearly all of its prospect audience is matched to Amazon's, giving it up to 75% penetration on FireTV. For its part, Amazon has been able to pick up additional audience segments based on conversion data that is flowing in.
  • What's A Planner To Do With So Many Metrics?
    Watch and learn as Magna Global's Julie Anson and Spark Foundry's Brad Liebow talk with MediaPost's Joe Mandese about measurement metrics. While OTT is the biggest growth area in TV, where is the money going and why?
  • Mall Of America Is A Case Study In Smart Profiling
    Ciceron's Ashley Evenson and Mall of America's Sara Johnson share with you how they are using location and geo-fencing technologies to track and learn from foot traffic and sales that are attributable to those buys.
  • Can One Successfully Navigate A Post-cable World?
    Ashley Homecare Stores did. Here, Nicole Hanni, Director of Media Strategy, talks about how, with over 100 Ashley Homecare stores in 31 DMAs, it is using the OTT channel to extend its TV buy into every local niche and cranny. Have a listen!
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