• With Push, Consider The Target, Tweak The Message
    Three ways to test whether your push notification is worth it, both to you and the customer: "Is it compatible with the core purpose of the digital experience? Does it anticipate or speak to a customer need or pain point? And, three, is timeliness the absolutely important factor?"
  • Panelists Tell How Apps Can Make AND Lose Money
    "We didn't have a paid subscription until a few years ago. We had put the product in the store. It was a huge mistake." The company boosted the app price to $20 and still people are buying it. He advised app developers to focus on subscription. Guess which brand this is!
  • Here's One Creative Who'd Be Lost Without The Ecosystem
    "Remember getting lost? My kids are, like, that's so stupid. I don't miss getting lost. How about searching for something? [Apps are a way] to organize time and energy. There are serious questions but from a productivity standpoint, I'd be a mess without technology." See who said that!
  • Time Has Come To Address Calif. Privacy Law Requirements
    Attorney Nathaniel Bessey advised the most crucial thing you can do is to communicate in your privacy policy how you collect information and what you do with it. Also, have a plan for if or when there is a data incident, a breach, or if information is inadvertently sent to someone.
  • SimpliSafe: From Reflection To #1 In Its App Store Category
    The company sought a balance between experience and business KPIs and measured a happiness score using App Store ratings with focus on each app initiative. Next, it had to convince the organization to build all of this, "not an easy thing to do," Rahul Subramany said. See how they pulled this off!
  • Rust-Oleum Conquers Millennials' 'Fear Of Mucking Up'
    Rust-Oleum wanted to go beyond its core users to capture and inspire the next generation of DIYers. It saw how Millennials had grown up with social, where the things they post "have to be perfect," said Lisa Bialecki, Senior Director Communications. See how the brand powered through that finding.
  • Organic Valley And The Road To True Brand Awareness
    Tripp Hughes, senior director of consumer strategy, Organic Valley, told our Brand Insider Summit the brand was good at building connections through video. "We social media the heck out of those." Watch one of the brand's most viral right here.
  • Pilgrim's Just Bare Chicken Is #1 On Amazon Fresh
    Pilgrim's Just Bare Chicken banks on being among the top results of searches for "fresh chicken." That's how it came to be sold on Amazon, in fact. And, said Laston Charriez, Head of Marketing, Pilgrim's, it is expanding to Amazon Go. Amazing!
  • Pour Moi President On The Joy Of Home Shopping
    Ulli Haslacher, president of Pour Moi skin care, talks about her direct response past and current home shopping success as she describes her progress from the days when no one cared about climate change ... to now. Listen in!
  • Kraft Heinz On Communicating 1:1 With Your Customers
    Watson, VP and Head of Media Platforms & Marketing AI at Kraft Heinz, spoke about his teams' efforts to build internal consumer profiles, enhance that consumer-level understanding with first-party data, and use that data and an advanced internal tech stack to hyper-personalize at scale.
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