• Voice Search: "It's A New Something" That's For Sure
    How does the rise of voice search impact the traditional search market itself and the very art of buying keywords? That was a very hot topic at this spring's Search Insider Summit. Is this a new threat to search or an opportunity? "It's a new something," quipped Jenna Watson of DAC Group.
  • Talking AI To The Brands: Start With The Data Conversation
    Many brands see trendy conversations about AI and machine learning as both outside their comfort zones and any relevance to their current business. But they need to understand that it is really just about data talking to other dats.
  • Macys: 2017 Is The Year Of Personalization And Learning Not To Be Too Aggressive
    Let's stop pestering our consumers with overly aggressive and uninformed retargeting urged Shruti Khatoud, Senior Search Marketing Manager, Macys.com. Personalization is the keyword for marketers in 2017. This requires really understanding what stage and state of mind the consumer occupies at a given moment.
  • "The Program Was Too Large": The Logic Of Bringing Search PLAs In-House
    Why are some brands taking the costly, complex step of bringing parts of their performance ad buying entirely in-house? According to L.L. Bean's Manager of Paid Search and Shopping Engines, Patrick Kelleher, it came down to scale, control of the data, and the need to integrate the media buying process in real time with everything from analytics to margins to inventory management.
  • "Some Voodoo Combination": Plated's Complex Attribution Stew Recipe
    Attributing credit for media buys gets very complex very quickly, Greg Laptevsky, VP, Acquisition Marketing, Plated explained at MediaPost's recent Search Insider Summit. For Plated, there is "no silver bullet," but there is a "voodoo combination" they concocted.
  • Pinterest Is Like A First Date
    97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded, Francis Larkin. Head of Product Marketing at the popular bookmarking site told MediaPost's Search Insider Summit recently. This tells them that their members are often high up in the consideration phase and looking for ideas more than specific products. Marketers need to think outside the typical search keyword box.