• Using Insight Panels to Get Feedback
    Insight panels produce more than research. They can also inspire brand advocacy and test messaging. At the Brand Insider Summit, Ryan Younger, VP, Strategic Marketing at Hackensack Meridian Health and John Trahar, Founder/Strategic Creative Lead at Greatest Common Factory spoke about how they use insight panels in order to get feedback before investing in any media.
  • Of Sushi and Skincare: L'Oreal Smart Geo-Targeting Drives In-Store Traffic
    What can marketers do when creative store displays no longer bring in more in-store traffic? At L'Oreal, Aruna Paramasivam, Head of Data Acquisitions & Partnerships and her team are geo-targeting some surprising segments that drive retail conversion for L'Oreal's 36 brands. Who knew fans of spinning classes and sushi also shopped at Kiehl's?
  • Home Depot Follows The Curious Attribution Path
    Erin Everhart, Senior Manager, Media, discusses the Home Depot's recent multi-touch attribution model that has shown some surprising preliminary results from Q1. It turns out, while customers are interacting with all of the different channels, commercials, display ads, site etc., they care less about the products and more about the brand.
  • Home Depot: Single Point of Truth = Crowd Of Stakeholders
    Building a so-called "single point of truth" is something marketers are trying to figure out, but it involves countless departments, data formats and analytics. At The home Depot, it took a Task Force that realized quickly just how complex the process is.
  • From Basketball to Excellence: The Jordan Brand Evolves
    Aiming to unleash the Michael Jordan in everyone, the Jordan brand's marketing team highlights how training is the secret sauce for champions of all kinds. This team turned a training/venue space in New York named Terminal 23 into an activation point (a training/event/lab space for millennials) that put marketers in direct communication with their customers insights and activities.
  • Intel Inside Agency Builds Gaga Experiences
    By creating an in-house agency Intel brought ideation closer to the brand and brought the brand closer to consumer experiences, Yogi Graham, Director, Intel Global Production Labs told the TV & Video Insider Summit last week. Their ongoing partnership with Lady Gaga illustrates the brand messaging shifting focus from product to experiences.
  • SoFi Goes In-House
    About a year ago, digital personal finance company SoFi took its media-buying and planning operations in-house with the intention of driving greater targeting and efficiency for its TV campaigns. What have they learned?
  • Addressable TV's Biggest Constraints
    During the Q&A session "Doing the Addressable TV Math," at MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit, panelists took on addressable TV's biggest constraints and expressed their desire to measure addressable TV and OTT.
  • OTT: Is It Digital Or Is It TV?
    OTT is the fastest-growing segment of TV ad spend. But where exactly does it fit into the larger plan? Chris Peterson, managing partner at R2C Group, posed this fundamental question during the "Making the OTT/Digital Video Connection" discussion at TV & Video Insider Summit.
  • Fox Vs. Newsy: How OTT Can Be Different
    As the fastest-growing segment of TV ad spend, OTT has a potential to deliver more innovation to advertisers, Fox and Newsy said at last week's TV & Video Insider Summit. Fox has reduced the ad load to good effect on VOD, while Newsy works with clients on integrated messaging.
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