Of Sushi and Skincare: L'Oreal Smart Geo-Targeting Drives In-Store Traffic

What can marketers do when creative store display no longer bring in more in-store traffic? At L'Oreal, Aruna Paramasivam, Head of Data Acquisitions & Partnerships and her team are employing various techniques that drive retail conversion for L'Oreal's 36 brands. One of them is geo-targeting for Kiehl's, a well-known brand, popular among men. As Kiehl's became more online-based, it has started seeing less traffic into stores. Paramasivam and her team looked to location-targeting and geofencing as a means of merging online strategy to in-store traffic. Using first-party data and some findings from the third-party location data partners, they created a campaign that ran on Google where geofencing under DoubleClick platform is offered at no cost. Putting a specific creative with the code with which the team was able to attribute regardless of the location of purchase, provided a more accurate representation via POC data (basket size, cost per visit, etc.) It turns out, for instance, in New York, Kiehl's shoppers liked to visit spinning studios and eat sushi.

MODERATOR Theresa Duerr, Director of Digital Marketing,; PANELISTS Bryan Benavides, Director of Digital Marketing, Abt Electronics, Jaime Date, Senior Manager of Analytic Solutions, Marketing, Allstate, Aruna Paramasivam, Head of Data Acquisitions & Partnerships, L'Oreal

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