• Who's Responsible for Fixing Fraud?
    "I don't see the [ad agency] holding companies doing much," Sean Baker, President, IMM, told the OMMA Denver audience during the "Trust Offensive: Solving for Fraud, Viewability and Transparency" panel discussion. Maybe this will be the moment when the entire supply chain comes together to fight this growing and expanding concern, he added.
  • Bogusky: The Long Tail Matters
    During his Keynote Interview at OMMA Denver, Alex Bogusky, Chief Eccentric Officer of Batshit Crazy Ventures, noted that as the world has become more ROI-focused, smaller brands like coffee shops have been in the lurch when it comes to buying advertising help. He added that serving the long tail is important because consumer culture is moving away from mega brands towards more highly specialized, niche brands.
  • The Commoditization of Influencer Tools
    There's a tremendous amount of commoditization in influencer marketing tools, Scott Linzer, Vice President of Owned Media, iCrossing, explained to the audience during the "Cool Kid KPIs: Optimizing the Social Influencers" panel at OMMA Denver. Even though it's a relatively new space, brands and agencies need to take a lot of meetings and vet a lot of vendors to maximize the value of their influencer campaigns, he said.
  • Rise of the Micro-Influencers
    In a short time, influencer marketing has evolved to the point where celebrity endorsements are no longer seen as the panacea they once were. During the "Cool Kid KPIs: Optmizing the Social Influencers" panel at OMMA Denver, Scott Linzer, Vice President, Owned Media, iCrossing, and Nicki Hayes, VP, Content & Performance Marketing, Blue Moon Digital, both explained that having an authentic endorsement from a niche celebrity is now more valuable than a major celebrity endorsement.
  • Working Backwards to Measure Influencer Marketing Success
    Influencer marketing campaigns are hard to measure because not only do they fit into many spheres of media, but they are also not media, Lori Ulanoff, Advocacy Marketing Manager, SoDelicious Dairy Free, WhiteWave Foods Company told the OMMA Denver audience on the "Cool Kid KPIs: Optimizing the Social Influencers" panel. Knowing what to measure is tricky, she said, adding that her brand was able to navigate the difficulty by working backwards to fit results into existing media models.
  • Private vs. Open Exchanges
    Sometimes, buying programmatic inventory on the open marketplace is a far better use of budget than buying programmatic directly from a publisher or a network of publishers, Emily Spears, Display and Social Paid Media Manager, Red Door Interactive, told the OMMA Denver audience during the "Can Programmatic Tell Stories?" panel.
  • Programmatic's Creative Challenges
    What are the biggest challenges for creatives? During the "Can Programmatic Tell Stories?" panel at OMMA Denver, Corien de Jong, Executive Creative Director, IMM said it's "impossible" for creatives to keep up with technology innovation. Whereas media is all about speed and innovation, creative is about ideas and brainstorming. This makes collaboration between the two departments challenging.