• Belo Is Bullish On 'Strategy, Creative, Cash Flow'
    Belo Media Group is trying to organize its digital assets: Distribion, MarketingFx, and Verticalnerve. Every day, Eric Myers said, he and his team experience "an appropriate sense of panic in the sense of a hustle."
  • Newsy Bet Big On OTT And It Paid Off
    The brand has seen a 383% growth in audience since 2016 by offering current headlines plus linear-like curated feeds and on-demand access. Two years ago, it launched a cable network.
  • Publishers Position, Package PMPs For Competition
    Jennifer Sun, Associate Director, Product, Programmatic Advertising for DotDash, explains her approach to selling the private marketplace proposition on a panel of sales execs at the Publishers Insider Summit.
  • Success Of 'Hollywood Life' Has Tiger Woods To Thank
    Because search engines have tweaked their algorithms to bring legitimate news sources to the top, "our competitive set has changed," Bonnie Fuller said, and "Hollywood Life" finds itself competing against the likes of "People," "US Weekly" and TMZ.
  • Al Jazeera Readies All-format Video To Jump To Hot Platforms
    Al Jazeera's Andy Sullivan said platforms are telling them to diversify. "They're hedging their bets against a fake news epidemic. We're not looking at views, shares and likes but at view time engagement over pure reach."
  • McClatchy Exec's Road From Olympics To Mushroom Festival
    "We have to become digital very quickly, and we have to make sure sellers understand it. The nature of our business is local offset by our national digital sales team."
  • Hearst Sees How Data Mining Boosts Revenue
    "Data has become real. Our data is creating value for our advertisers, and this is very exciting for us." Indeed, Hearst's goal is to be the world's leading data-driven media company.
  • ESP, ERP, CDP, Oh My! Tech Stacks And How To Build Them
    Tech stacks are full of acronyms. Take Ryan Heft's. As email marketing manager for KEEN, he said, "ESP is my main world. Our CDP is being developed in a larger capacity."
  • 2 Guys Critique Email Design; At Least One Learns Something
    Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand, and Erik Teng, senior email marketing manager of email at Quip, took a hard look at Lenovo's email. Teng's first question was about the navigation bars at the top.
  • Lenovo's Marion Price On How To Best Use Automated Email
    Marion Price, Email Marketing Manager, NA eCommerce at Lenovo, drew up a list of ways to make the best use of automated email, including "Know your people," their purchase data and relationship to your brand.
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