• The Importance Of Getting a Universal ID
    Speaking on the "Data-Centric Publishing" panel at Publishing Insider Summit Marcus Witte, VP, Integrated Marketing, SourceMedia, highlighted the lack of communication between multiple data platforms, the challenges that can pose and the way his team was able to bridge it.
  • Optimizing Toward The User
    According to News Corp VP, Advertising, Technology & Operations Stephanie Layser, it is crucial for publishers to go beyond advertising and to the idea of identity. She further discussed how her team is able to collect data across different brands and associate various interactions, tying user value to singular ID. All of this helps the publisher optimize advertising strategy toward user.
  • The Economist Just A Perception Away From Millions of New Subscribers
    During his keynote presentation at Publishing Insider Summit on building a subscriber-first business model, The Economist SVP Digital Media and Content Strategy Mark Beard revealed some surprising findings made by the research team. 73 million people around the world could potentially be reading The Economist.
  • POPSUGAR eCommerce: "Let Them Shop"
    POPSUGAR EVP, Product Marketing and Sales Strategy Chris George says reading is not shopping, and affiliate marketing programs need to recognize when articles readers signal their move into shopping mode. His team accommodates this shift by introducing POPSUGAR Shop, which helps customers find the product they want before leaving the site. In essence, customers are directed from content to "shop story" ecommerce site where they refine their search and browse products, being inspired to continue shopping. As George puts it, "When somebody goes into shopping mode, you want to let them shop."
  • Pulling Playboy.com Behind The Paywall
    In the modern era, where digital's adverse effect on media experience is unavoidable, can Playboy.com maintain quality content that it prides itself on? During a keynote interview at Publishing Insider Summit, Playboy Chief Creative Officer Cooper Hefner told Steve Smith, MediaPost's Editorial Director, Events, there will inevitably be changes as Playboy.com comes behind the paywall. While there'll still be a certain amount of free content, the publisher's main focus will be cultivating its loyal base of subscribers.
  • Do We Really Want To "Pivot" To Video?
    A number of companies have announced radical cuts to their editorial team in favor of video investment. Senior publishing executives speaking on the "Getting Beyond Ad Addiction: The Media Model of 2022" panel at Publishing Insider Summit 2017 address the famed "pivot" to video and ponder on where video fits into their broader strategy.
  • How Brands Evaluate Influencers
    Is massive reach enough to justify partnering with an influencer today? According to Sarah Anne Spaulding, Social Media Manager and Chief Content Editor for Macy's, it's more important to look at the content an influencer produces and whether that is in line with your brand's messaging, rather than how many likes and followers they have. For Macy's, influencer partnerships are an extension of the brand's creative team, she said during the OMMA at Advertising Week panel "How to Evaluate Influencer Campaigns."
  • SoLoMo Powers Cross-Channel
    During the "Data, IDs and Machines" panel at OMMA at Advertising Week, Liliana Caro, Global CMO, Kinetic Worldwide, highlighted the social-location-mobile trifecta as being particularly effective in facilitating integration across channels and data sets for the out-of-home specialist agency.
  • Consolidation, Competition Good for Buyers
    Speaking on the "Activating Against People-Based Targeting" panel at MediaPost's OMMA at Advertising Week, Oath SVP of Demand Sales Jay Seideman said that consolidation is good for advertisers because it greatly simplifies the media buying landscape, but he also added that competition is important, too, and that he would like to see the Internet advertising business look more like the auto business in terms of the scope of competition.
  • Oath Benefitting from Google-Facebook Duopoly
    Are publishers combating or benefitting from the Google-Facebook duopoly? Speaking on the "Activating Against People-Based Targeting" panel at MediaPost's OMMA at Advertising Week, Oath SVP of Demand Sales Jay Seideman said the Verizon-owned entity actually benefits from the duopoly, due to buyers' frustration at being forced to do business with the Web's two biggest companies.
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