• What's Your Google Comfort Level?
    Responding to a question about why HP.com trusts Google with collecting and interpreting data from its new mobile search products, Morgan Chemij, Director of Marketing North America pointed out that Google already handles an untold treasure trove of information about users and companies. He added that Google only wins if HP.com also wins.
  • Search Marketers' Wish List: Bring Back Organic Data
    Speaking during the "Fragmentation-Tying Search to Retail in Stores" panel during SIS in Deer Valley, Utah last week, Mike Gauld, VP, Director of Search, DigitasLBi said that at the very top of search marketers' wish list is for search platforms to bring back organic search data-at least as something they can use indirectly, if not directly.
  • Tech Silos and the Disparate Connection of Data
    The number one challenge for digital marketers today is the disparate connection of data, Jason Owen, GM and SVP, credit.com, explained to the Search Insider Summit audience in Deer Valley, Utah, because most technology providers do not connect their data to other platforms on the market, and some can't even connect to a brand's own internal data.
  • How Uber Views AI and Machine Learning
    The Uber of the future will be one where IoT devices and AI and machine learning instruct the system to know when to call an end-user an uber, Alex Otrezov, the online transportation giant's Head of SEM said during his SIS Q&A in Deer Valley, Utah last week.
  • Cannibalization as an SEM Strategy
    Preventing cannibalization is next to impossible, especially when competitors are bidding on your branded keywords, which is why it's part of online transportation giant Uber's search strategy, Alex Otrezov, Uber's Head of SEM, revealed during his Q&A at the Search Insider Summit in Deer Valley, Utah.
  • Facebook Advertisers Dissatisfied with Attribution
    A whopping 87 percent of Facebook advertisers are dissatisfied with their current attribution model, Frank Lee, industry Lead, ecommerce, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook revealed at the Search Insider Summit in Deer Valley, Utah last week. Lee said a fundamental behavioral change inside organizations is needed to tackle this enormous problem.
  • Attribution Wars: Google vs Facebook
    It should be little wonder that attribution is one of today's biggest marketing headaches, especially when you consider that the Web's two inventory giants have totally different approaches to the problem, Jason Hartley, VP, U.S. Search Practice Lead, 360i told the SIS panel "Priming Search Across Channels to Solve the Attribution Challenge" last week.
  • Chatbots: 1:1 Messaging at Scale
    The idea of one to one messaging at scale is considered the Holy Grail for marketers. As Dave Schoonover, Senior Head of Digital, Social, CRM & .com, Kia Motors America, Inc., said in his opening Keynote address at the Search Insider Summit in Deer Valley, Utah, last week, chatbots represent the greatest opportunity for marketers to realize this goal.
  • CRM: Where Email, Design and UX Intermix
    During the EIS panel "Email as a Strategy, Not a Tactic", Madison Norton, Manager, CRM/Email, BuildDirect, noted that for the online home improvement retailer, a multi-funnel approach to CRM is essential, and that loyalty programs can help inform Web site design and user experience and visa versa.
  • When Last Click Attribution Isn't Enough
    Attribution is the single biggest challenge for a brand manager, James Brohamer, Brand Advertising Manager, Overstock.com explained during the EIS panel "Data Discipline: Success Stories in Balancing Segmentation, Scale and Cost" because it's the model for measuring return on advertising spend (ROAS). He added that last-click attribution falls well short of measuring true ROAS for sophisticated cross-channel campaigns.
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