What's Your Google Comfort Level?

Responding to a question about why trusts Google with collecting and interpreting data from its new mobile search products, Morgan Chemij, Director of Marketing North America pointed out that Google already handles an untold treasure trove of information about users and companies. He added that Google only wins if also wins. 

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  1. Craig Mcdaniel from Sweepstakes Today LLC, December 13, 2016 at 4:49 p.m.

    Ross, there is a major point missing here. What about all the others who do business with Google? Mainly the thousands of publishers.  Ask then how they feel about Google and OUR confort level. For me, it sucks. Why?

    4 years ago in Dec. I was making 100 percent more revenue than what I will earn with Google this month. Yes, that's correct 100 percent.  Then Google AdSense and AdWords called to tell me not just to rearrange my banners above the fold, (Google approved our banners about 10 years ago in a deal) but Google also TOLD ME to take down competitor banners. IF you have a brain in your head, this is anti-trust violation on part of Google. I told the Google rep from India that I would not because this was against the law.  Google persisted with calls and emails. I refused to turn my back on my other advertisers. As a result, Google retaitated against me. That's why the 100 percent revenue drop. I have heard other publishers complain as well.

    To me the question was one of honor and integrity. To Google, and with no question in my mind, it was about stealing from the publishers because of the growth of mobile. 

    The better question Ross, if Google ask you to violate your honor, integrity and values as a member of the press, would you do it?  Or would you write about?  Or be a coward and say nothing?  I am not the later and I?

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