• The Mobile App Conundrum
    Speaking on the Publishing Insider Summit panel "The Platform Puzzle and Distributing to Elusive Newsstands", premium publishers were in agreement that the mobile app arena is not one they are focusing on in terms of monetization or audience development. Each of the publishers on the panel said they were "bearish" about the prospects of making money from mobile apps or putting all of their content into an app.
  • All Frienemies are Not Created Equal
    How are you managing the relationship with your distribution partners? Regina Buckley, SVP of Business Development, Time Inc., said her company's relationship with its "frienemies" is "mixed" depending on the partner, but nowhere is it "acrimonious". Helene Dina, SVP Publishing and Platforms, DEFY Media, noted that they have a total of 20 different distribution partners, so it's not just about managing relationships with the likes of Facebook and Google.
  • Live Streaming Formats That Work
    What formats work well for live streaming? Speaking at the recent Publishing Insider Summit in Austin, TX, Dina Sartore-Bodo, Managing Editor, HollywoodLife, noted that programs featuring any kind of special "access" have played well with their user base in early testing of Facebook Live and other live streaming platforms.
  • The Digital Advertising Tipping Point is Here
    During his presentation, "The Digital Advertising Tipping Point is Here!" Jeff Burkett, VP of Advertising Innovation, USA Today Network accused every publisher in attendance at the recent Publishing Insider Summit in Austin, TX of "cranking up those bad experiences" when the revenue numbers fall short. He said the IAB's "New Ad Unit Portfolio" should help clean up some of the mess, but premium publishers must also wean themselves off their addiction to bad ad units.
  • Chat Bots: Build, Buy, or Rent?
    In her Keynote Q&A at the Publishing Insider Summit in Austin, TX, Allison Mezzafonte, SVP Operations at Bauer Xcel Media, explained why her company chose to partner with mobile messenger app start-up Kik, which created and hosts BXM's chat bot, instead of building or buying their own.
  • Video Tips for Facebook
    Videos with superscript and subtitles perform markedly better on Facebook than those without, Joey-Lyn Adessa, Senior Director, Strategy, Mindshare, explained during the "Keeping Pace with Facebook's Evolution" at OMMA Social in New York City last week. Though creatives might balk at the idea, Adessa said it's important to design for the lowest common denominator, which means assuming people are not turning on the sound.
  • Influencers are the New Creatives
    Are influencers set to replace creatives at ad agencies? Jeremy Simon, Director of Influencer & Partnership Marketing, Attention Global asked SnapChat influencer Harris Markowitz about the future of influencers and creatives at the OMMA Social event in New York City last week. Markowitz said he creates most of the integrations he does with brands on SnapChat, and he is always clear about communicating every step of the way to avoid confusion.
  • Influencer Campaign Gone Wrong
    What do you do when an influencer marketing campaign goes wrong? Joe McCambley, SVP Content Marketing, POP, asked this question to a panel of agencies, influencers and media companies at the OMMA Social event in New York City last week. Act quickly and decisively, but don't panic, Jim Scott, Founder and Managing Partner, mono replied before delving into a personal anecdote.
  • Why Influencer Marketing is a Sellers' Market
    Why is influencer marketing a sellers' market? Speaking on the "Finding the Right KPIs for Influencer Campaigns" panel at OMMA Social last week, Holden Berlin, SVP Program Marketing & Development, DEFY Media noted that influencers will quickly walk away if they don't like the terms of a deal, or if a brand proves to be controlling, as they are approached by marketers to do content integrations all the time.
  • Brands on TV Aren't Important to Millennials
    Millennials and Gen Z are simply not interested in TV, a point hammered home by a panel of advertising and media execs during the "Video Syndication: Social Media Gains in Importance for Brands" discussion at OMMA Video. Moreover, "the money spent in TV, for the most part, is outrageously a waste", Mike Mikho, Chief Marketing Officer, Laundry Service & Cycle added.
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