• Scotts Miracle-Gro: Building the Multi-Touch Experience
    See what happens when "Robert," 34, first-time homeowner, wants to have the best lawn on the block. Amanda Scarnechia, manager of CRM and consumer data for the brand, walks us through one of the company's personae.
  • Amex: Holding a Mirror Up To Customer Action
    Steve Smith, VP, editorial director of events at MediaPost, talks with Brian Coleman, VP, small business customer loyalty marketing at American Express, about how the brand is making its customers the star of the email itself!
  • Sleep Number: Managing Welcome Email Deliverability at Scale
    Deliverability: We have a situation! Listen as Adam Reynolds, senior manager of email and SMS marketing at Sleep Number, describes how over 50% of their subscribers weren't getting emails as Labor Day Weekend bore down.
  • Building an RFP...The Right Way
    Here, Kayla Beck, senior manage of email delivery and quality control at Southwest Airlines, talks about ways to pith potential vendors, including why one might want to stick with the known versus the unknown.
  • JustFab: The Marketer's Crawl, Walk, Run Journey to Personalization
    Learn as Monica Deretich, VP, marketing and CRM for JustFab, describes the company's approach to achieving a personalized experience for your customers. She also offers five excellent tips!
  • Engaging the Disengagement Battle
    Logitech decided to migrate to a single ESP. Listen as Vanessa Boutwell, director of consumer engagement marketing, talks about the key to a successful transition.
  • Chick-fil-A - Caring for Customers Personally Through Email
    Chick-fil-A has come a long way since the Dwarf House Grill of 1946. Here, Emily Randall, interactive digital media, talks about the brand's journey as it poked its nose into its "pretty messy" email program.
  • No, Wait!: Our Messaging Screw-Ups and What We Learned
    Wherein our hapless panelists eat crow and tell about the time ... we sent an email to our pass holders letting them know that this once-a-year event would take place for the first time ever on Facebook Live! Guess what was wrong in the email.
  • Fender: Leveraging What You Already Have
    Brian Schmidt, director of CRM, growth and retention for Fender Musical Instruments, shares what happened when the brand turned its first on-boarding message into a message from an instructor!
  • Gen-Z: Today's 'Identity Shifters', Tomorrow's Buying Power
    How to reconcile multiple Instagram profiles of the same Gen Z person? Here, Mia von Sadovszky, SVP, Strategic Planning Director, RPA, lets us in on the secret!
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