• Finding A Balance On Social Channels
    Social touches every single department, relationships with other teams are crucial to push forward the vision and belief, says Sarah Neal Simpson, Global Social Lead, Uber. You're dealing with customer services questions, influencers, celebrities and that's where it becomes a much bigger undertaking. If you're social completely, it's much bigger than an Instagram post. Jennifer Mangold, Senior Manager, Global Social Media, HomeAway.com, agrees and says her company is working to take the customer service element out of social as it's such a big part of it. Listen to them discuss the ways in which DTC companies are finding a balance …
  • Cracking the DTC Code!
    The big CPGs can't change on a dime. Purple Innovation, says CMO Alex McArthur, changes its media spend on a daily basis. Fran Dunaway, CEO/co-founder of TomboyX, agrees DTCs have the ability to remain flexible and recognize what the company needs, constantly "feeding the beast." Listen to them and fellow panelists Luke Droulez, CMO, Parachute Home, and Kristina Smith, Director, Global Digital Marketing, KEEN Footwear. Paul Friedland, Head of Marketing - eBay Fashion, moderates.
  • Where Does Branding Fit In A Data-Driven World?
    The focus on digital media and data has an inherent bias, says Amy Bartle, director of integrated media at La Quinta Inns & Suites. Branding is a marketing function. Data and media platforms are the tools we use to brand with. Data hurts branding when you get buried and forget your strategy. Strategy has to drive data and not vice versa. Listen to her and fellow panelists Matt Annerino, EVP Marketing & Analytics, Live Nation Entertainment, and Jeff Bartlett, Senior Marketing Manager, Avvo. Bryan Boettger, Principal and Lead Strategist, Estate Four, moderates.
  • Fandango's Michael Ridgewell On Engagement
    "It's really hard to go from hello to head over heels," Michael Ridgewell VP of CRM & Digital at Fandango, tells MediaPost's Brand Marketers Insider Summit on Aug. 25, 2018. Think about how you engage with someone. You start with an introduction. From there, you can thank them for a purchase, you can board them. Get them to remember there was a two-way proposition.
  • Nordstrom's Evan Barocas On Proving The ROI
    Consumers don't think in channels. They just know how they want to shop. Nordstrom has re-engineered both its in-house programmatic buying and creative teams around maximizing retail and ecommerce options for different regions and individual customers. Evan Barocas explains how the company applies both a geo-location and behavioral lens to their customers so that the right offer reaches the right customer with the right channel options at the right time.
  • Aflac's Catherine Hernandez-Blades keynotes Brand Marketing Insider Summit
    Companies must go from the 4Ps in marketing - product, price, promotion and place - to the 4Es - experience, environment, engagement and exchange, says Aflac's SVP, chief brand and communications officer, "or you're lost."
  • Aflac's Catherine Hernandez-Blades on Data and CSR
    "An insurance company sells a promise," Catherine Hernandez-Blades, SVP, chief brand and communications officer, tells those gathered for MediaPost's Brand Marketing Insider Summit in August. "It's a tough sell. To make it relevant and meaningful is very, very tough." Making a business case to the C-suite is about why it takes more than just doing the right thing. "You have to map it back to the bottom line." Making a business case for CSR "is my favorite part of the job," she says. "We had five CMOs in five years. I wanted full-blown corporate responsibility to let the data drive …