• Why Can't Panera Find David Mihalek?
    The SVP of Digital Strategy & Innovative Solutions at Universal McCann said whenever he orders on its app, he gets a message that it will be ready in 10 minutes. "And it's not," he said, going on to talk about geo-targeting and location-based marketing for QSRs.
  • Auntie Anne's Looks To Pretzel Delivery For Growth
    Who'd-a thunk anyone would pay $8 to get a pretzel delivered? Joshua Krauss, director of digital marketing, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, is amazed and happy. "Off-premise in total is a huge focus of growth." Listen to more from his interview!
  • Bareburger Finds Ways To Avoid Food Delivery Gouging
    CMO Nabeel Alamgir says the brand does so by offering online ordering and Facebook ordering and through ad-roll retargeting across Facebook, Instagram and Spotify. Hear about the six emerging roles in QSR.
  • Burger King Uses Vlogger, Prank To Break Through Noise
    Diego Suarez, Lead, US Media, Advertising and Communications, Burger King, showed a great video as a way of explaining how the brand is always trying to get "share of mouth." Don't miss it.
  • With Loyalty Program In Place, Chipotle Is 'Almost A Startup'
    Chipotle finally has a loyalty program. "It's almost a startup mentality," said Lori Cassorla, VP, Associate Media Director, Mediahub, about her client. "We're bringing ourselves back into the conversation."
  • Dunkin' Makes A Brand Promise Simple In 3 Easy Steps
    Keith Lusby, vice president of media at Dunkin' Brands, tells Marketing:QSR attendees that he likes simplicity. He has three tips on ways to keep your brand promise: 1. Speak their language. 2. Go places they like to go. 3. Be useful. So simple!
  • Freshly: Subscriptions Filter Our Noise, Offering A New Metric
    Meghan Taylor, vice president, brand & creative, says, "It's nice to feel like something is tailored to you, it filters out the noise. It gives the brand a metric for engaging with what may or may not be relevant to the consumer."
  • Organic Valley Puts Fitbits On Cows In New Paid Media Mode
    Organic Valley was finally hitting a point of breakthrough in awareness. It was time, said Tripp Hughes, Sr. Director of Consumer Strategy, to "get the brand out there, to establish the brand."
  • Bag Balm Admits Store's Front Door 'Now In My Pocket'
    Reid Greenberg isn't a fan of omnichannel but, as he admits, "the new front door to my store is now my front pocket. It's the force of commerce, the e-force of commerce. It's everywhere."
  • Hershey Thinks Like A DTC, Acts Like A CPG
    Hershey has an audience strategy that is data- and customer-first. As Ashlee Carlisle, Media Audience Strategy & Activation, The Hershey Company, put it, "We make a product -- candy, gum and mints -- that has potential to go into 98% of U.S. homes."
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