• Hubble Contacts Doubts Younger Consumers Want Voice
    Hubble Contacts co-founder Jesse Horwitz is skeptical about digital voice. "The younger you go [demographically], the more they text. They don't want to talk to machines if they don't want to talk to each other."
  • 'Veggies Made Great' Adjusts To Authentic Measurement
    Andrew Reichgut, Executive Vice President and CMO, Veggies Made Great, addresses authenticity and how traditional targeting and measurement of media is adjusting to these still unorthodox channels.
  • Influence Of Influencer? Which To Use When
    Establishing a successful influencer program requires deconstructing the very idea of an "influencer." See what Randi Jachino, VP of Marketing, Weleda North America, had to offer by way of advice.
  • Hershey Counts On Retail Customers To Counter Amazonification
    Bevon Dormer, Amazon Media Strategy & Activation, The Hershey Company, shares how the brand organizes efforts differently for this platform and what KPIs it is looking for in such a complex system.
  • Jack Daniel's Breaks Through Noise, Stays True To Its History
    Listen as Jeff Cole, Modern Media Director for Jack Daniel's family of brands, shows how futuristic features can break through the noise while still remaining true to a brand's story and history.
  • Chobani Leans Into An Audience-first Strategy
    "We were hungry to learn more about why consumers engaged or didn't with an ad," said Sydney Friedkin, Digital and Marketing Analytics Manager, Chobani. "We were operating like a large company but it was not who we were."
  • LifeExtension Shares Journey To Personalization
    Farrah Interdonato, Senior Manager, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Life Extension, said that many customers were making a purchase and then leaving. "We had a huge opportunity to drive more conversion."
  • Hershey Finds First-party Data With Quality
    Ashlee Carlisle, Media Audience Strategy & Activation, Hershey, said that, in thinking like a DTC, her new planning process puts audience insight first. "The marketer of the future has to have great cross-section of experience to bring holistic solutions to the table."
  • Dell Shifts Focus Back To Valuable First-party CRM Data
    Dell is proud of using its first-party data because it keeps the brand transparent. "If we're using first-party data, we have no one to blame but ourselves, said Jeremy Parker, Global DMP Audience Manager at Dell.
  • EnergyBBDO Finds Clients Need To Be More Nimble
    "How do we move from mass world, classic marketing through a funnel that no longer exists," asked Josh Ehart, EVP, Chief Data Officer, EnergyBBDO. "What data can we use from the most addressable sources and how does that inform us."
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