• Do Privacy Concerns Distract From The Job At Hand?
    Albert Thompson, Managing Director of Digital at Walton Isaacson, says privacy needs to take a page from gaming. There should be different levels from 'Track me' to 'Here are certain things I want you to know about me' to 'I'm off the grid.'"
  • Is Cambridge Analytica To Blame For Privacy Policy 'Explosion'?
    Alison Pepper, SVP, Government Relations at the 4As, suggests a hybrid approach, regulation that would bar companies from using information gleaned via tracking for college admissions, employment decisions, insurance rate decision. "Baseline privacy legislation addresses those harms." Do you agree?
  • Where Do Media Buyers Find Quality Audiences?
    Media buyers today walk a tightrope in the divisive political atmosphere that spills over into news. "Brand guys want to stay away," Matt Sweeney, chief investment officer at GroupM, bluntly said. But GroupM remains bullish -- on Mike Bloomberg? Listen in!