• Picking an Attribution Model
    There are many attribution models that can be deployed by your brand depending on the goals of your email and cross-channel campaigns, but finding the right one is a trickier proposition when email is not necessarily meant to be an acquisition tool, Ellen Ablow, Director CRM and Marketing Operations, SurveyMonkey explained during the EIS panel "Content, Cadence, Continuity in a Cross-Channel World"
  • Omnichannel, Multichannel or Cross-Channel?
    Omnichannel, multichannel and cross-channel are terms that get used interchangeably, but they really are different approaches with different goals and outcomes, moderator Bart Thornburg, Associate Director, Lifecycle Marketing, WeddingWire, explained during his EIS panel "Content, Cadence, Continuity in a Cross-Channel World", before asking his panelists to explain the difference.
  • Continuously Building a Better Mousetrap
    During her EIS Keynote, Joy Szudzik, VP Digital and Social Media, AEG, explained that speed, data deployment and interpretation, governance, technology acquisition and integration are all essential components to building a better marketing mousetrap, but deploying these components uniformly and strategically is a process that requires constant attention and evaluation in order to be successful.
  • When Synchronized Messaging Doesn't Matter
    Is there too much emphasis placed on synchronizing marketing messages across channels? For Dominoes, it doesn't always matter, Nicole Pavlovich, the pizza maker's Email/Digital Marketing Leader explained during her Email Insider Summit Q&A, noting that its more important for her brand to deliver the right message to the right channel at the right frequency.
  • Are You Rowing in the Same Direction?
    During her Keynote Q&A with MediaPost Editorial Director of Events and Email Insider Summit emcee Steve Smith, Tara Clark, Director of Email, Zillow, explained that for her brand, marketing and IT need to be sure they are rowing in the same direction, particularly because of the importance of IT to the online real estate database.
  • Coordinated Cross Channel Messaging Enhances Engagement
    During his Email Insider Summit keynote, Marc Sheinkin, Director, Member Marketing, Marriott pointed out how the hotel giant was able to significantly drive more conversions by making its desktop, mobile Web, in-app and push messaging work together seamlessly to help consumers pick back up where they left off, regardless of device or channel.
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