• Brands Use Data To Find New Loyalists
    Where is my data? As this panel's moderator said, "You have complete job security if you know what your data structure is." One panelist said she feels lucky in that her company has a data scientist housed in one place.
  • It Hardly Gets More Personal Than Wedding Planning For The Knot
    Among the company's personalization methods are predictive analytics, data-driven, rules and logic. "It comes down to segmentation. There's a lot of power in segmentation, micro-segmentation."
  • Golf Game Is 'TaylorMade' For Data Geeks
    TaylorMade's John Gonsalves said the really interesting part is the on-course data, "what happens out in the wild": location, what's in the bag, driving distance, dispersion, all culminating in a stake called strokes gained.
  • Zillow's Olly Downs Unveils Critical Piece To Getting AI Right
    "AI will relentlessly pursue whatever metric you've set up for it, so "be careful what you wish for." The most important thing to get right about AI is defining the success metric. AI approaches work, but the impact can be unexpected.
  • A Selfie Makes A Human Connection For Boxed
    As any online marketer knows, there is fraud. That happens when a customer claims an item ordered is missing. How to cover one's tush? Take a photo of the box before it's sealed. Problem solved.
  • Surprising Ways Teens Engage With Colleges
    EAB's Doug Henderson pointed to the new slang word for growing up -- adulting -- by which these kids see mail with their names on them and begin to identify as adults. "They expect to get mail from colleges," he said, "not tweets."
  • Lenovo's Marion Price On How To Best Use Automated Email
    Marion Price, Email Marketing Manager, NA eCommerce at Lenovo, drew up a list of ways to make the best use of automated email, including "Know your people," their purchase data and relationship to your brand.
  • 2 Guys Critique Email Design; At Least One Learns Something
    Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand, and Erik Teng, senior email marketing manager of email at Quip, took a hard look at Lenovo's email. Teng's first question was about the navigation bars at the top.
  • ESP, ERP, CDP, Oh My! Tech Stacks And How To Build Them
    Tech stacks are full of acronyms. Take Ryan Heft's. As email marketing manager for KEEN, he said, "ESP is my main world. Our CDP is being developed in a larger capacity."
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