Fox Vs. Newsy: How OTT Can Be Different

As the fastest-growing segment of TV ad spend, OTT has a potential to deliver more innovation to advertisers, Fox and Newsy said at last week's TV & Video Insider Summit. Fox has enhanced FX's OTT experience by cutting out multiple commercials in favor of one commercial per VOD across all digital viewing of all FX content. This has lowered the commercial load as well as highlighted the viewer experience. Newsy follows a different approach, in which a specially dedicated team works with clients on custom integrations of short videos (2 minutes and under) into the series content on various topics, therefore mimicking TV.

MODERATOR Chris Peterson, Managing Partner, R2C Group; PANELISTS Sara Axelbaum, SVP, Client Services, Fox Networks Group, Josh Boaz, Managing Director/Co-Founder, Direct Agents, Meera Sankar, Account Executive, Newsy

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