"Some Voodoo Combination": Plated's Complex Attribution Stew Recipe

Attributing credit for media buys gets very complex very quickly, Greg Laptevsky, VP, Acquisition Marketing, Plated explained at MediaPost's recent Search Insider Summit. For Plated, like everyone else, there is "no silver bullet," he admits, and the current answer may be closer to a "voodoo combination" of several signals. Plated's ever-changing incantation involves looking at how other enterprises are doing it, using internal analytics and checking against a range of third party attribution providers. It may not be wholly accurate, but it is close enough to be actionable,  Laptevsky explains.

MODERATOR Annie Stickney, VP of Digital Analytics, Chase. PANELISTS Sara Aase, Manager, Digital and Content Marketing, Kenmore and DieHard; Ryan Gibson, VP, Marketing, Wheelhouse/dmg; Greg Laptevsky, VP, Acquisition Marketing, Plated; Francis Larkin, Head of Product Marketing, Pinterest.

Find the rest of this session, and more, at our Search Insider Summit Agenda page.

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