Pinterest Is Like A First Date

97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded, Francis Larkin. Head of Product Marketing at the popular bookmarking site told MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit recently. This tells them that their members are often high up in the consideration phase and looking for ideas more than specific products. Marketers need to think outside the typical search keyword box, members of our “In the Year of the Consumer” panel argued. People look for things in different ways that can send marketers new and interesting signals about how consumers really shop and how brands can start the conversation. “It [Pinterest] is kinda like the first date,” quipped Greg Laptevsky, VP, Acquisition Marketing, Plated. 

MODERATOR Annie Stickney, VP of Digital Analytics, Chase. PANELISTS Sara Aase, Manager, Digital and Content Marketing, Kenmore and DieHard; Ryan Gibson, VP, Marketing, Wheelhouse/dmg; Greg Laptevsky, VP, Acquisition Marketing, Plated; Francis Larkin, Head of Product Marketing, Pinterest.

Find the rest of this session, and more, at our Search Insider Summit Agenda page.

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