How to Make A Good Branded Video

Here’s how you make a good branded video: find a dog theme.

Or cats, because cats and dogs are cool.

But dogs in sunglasses are particularly cool. Dogs wearing sunglasses while shot in slo-mo are the coolest. Look, it’s not rocket science. People just like pets. So rather than put its models in shades, Diesel placed its eyewear on pooches in its newest campaign.

So maybe next time Christian Louboutin makes an ad, we’ll see red-soled shoes on dogs or cats. Or Chanel bags on Persians with their little pushpin faces. Actually, I think canines look grand with just a foulard. So maybe Hermes will be up next with neckwear blowing in the wind on man and woman’s best friend.

In any case, check out this Diesel video, but also take a look at this Fast Company story tracing the viral video history of dogs in slo-mo. (Who knew there was a history of slo-mo dogs!)



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