Daypart Targeting A Must In Video Buys

Targeting is vital to the success of most Internet marketing campaigns. But marketers need to make sure they are targeting not just by demo, or age, or sex, or “intent to purchase.” Daypart targeting is also a necessity in online video buys, especially given the growth in mobile consumption of video because mobile video habits fluctuate greatly throughout the day.

Ad network Brightroll’s annual survey of agency executives on video advertising found that targeting is one of the reasons that marketers use online video in the first place -- 43% of agency executives said targeting is the most valuable part of online video. Fine-tuned targeting is hard to do on TV, but the Web brings a level of intricacy and refinement because marketers can hone in on behaviors. “The use of behavioral targeting by agencies in online video ad campaigns will grow by 24 percent, a considerable increase year over year,” Brightroll said in its report. “In fact, two-thirds of respondents indicate that more than 40 percent of their online video ads will be behaviorally targeted in 2012. It may be that more advertisers are taking advantage of online video because it offers a similar consumer experience with superior targeting capabilities compared to traditional TV.”



But here’s the thing. Networks, publishers, and online video advertisers need to do more than just target behaviorally and by site. They also need to target by daypart. Nearly all the recent studies on consumer video habits have documented that while mobile video use is skyrocketing, it varies widely by time of day and even by location. Ad network Tremor Video, for instance, has learned that about half of all mobile video is watched at home, while online video technology provider Ooyala has said that tablet viewing rises in the morning, subsides during the day, and then peaks at night with one-third of all tablet video plays occurring during prime time.

That’s why marketers would be wise to add the additional element of time of day to their online video targeting strategies.

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  1. Marvin Moore from National TV Spots Inc, June 27, 2012 at 5:45 p.m.

    Having expanding both our understanding and reach due to higher customer demand for online video advertising, our company, National TV Spots, Inc., crunched the numbers for our total online video advertising and our research shows precisely the same conclusions given in the article, except for some behavioral discrepancies for some less mainstream products, but even those target audiences have their own "best dayparts" and it just takes some good data slicing to move campaigns into the "sweet spot" of online video.

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