ABC Hits Warm, Fuzzy Tones In 'Katie' Promo

Katie-Couric-ALooking to hit the daytime syndication sweet-spot, a new TV promo for the touted daily syndicated show "Katie," from Disney-ABC Domestic Television, offers up some feel-good family themes.

The spot has  talking about growing up in an average family home, one where the family didn't take fancy vacations. Couric is on camera, delivering a voiceover while old photographs of family are revealed, with video of her parents at the end of the spot.

Couric says: "I had a real 'Let It to Beaver' childhood." She adds: "I cannot imagine having a better childhood. My parents gave me the confidence to take risks and try new things. There were always there to catch me when I fell. I think in some ways my mom gave me my spirit, but my dad gave me my soul."

Anaysts say Disney-ABC Television is placing a big bet on "Katie." The net hopes she can -- in part -- replace the cash cow TV stations had with "Oprah Winfrey" in daytime and afternoon time periods.

This is the second promo for the show released. It is an ongoing effort to push the warm tones of the program. The first TV promo spot in early June had Couric sauntering through a park and smiling, where we see here posing for pictures with people, holding a frozen treat, giving high fives, waving and flipping her hair.

Both TV promos are seem as a direct contrast to Couric's previous profile, anchoring longtime hard news show "The CBS Evening News."



Says Bill Carroll, vice president and director of programming for Katz Television Group: "This is an early image spot meant to introduce to some and reintroduce to others the perky Katie of the 'Today' show not 'The CBS Evening News." I have to assume this is phase one of an overall warm and fuzzy approach to Katie."

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  1. Douglas Ferguson from College of Charleston, July 5, 2012 at 1:12 p.m.

    Maybe viewers will learn to overlook her "I am much smarter than you" handling of the Palin interview in 2008. Maybe.

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