Dailymotion Launches Cloud-Based Video Hosting, Distribution Platform

  • July 18, 2012

Dailymotion, the Web’s second-largest video site after Google’s YouTube, is expanding beyond the realm of selling ads against online video content uploaded by its users. Today, the video-sharing site is launching a white-label distribution platform for publishers.

Called Dailymotion Cloud, the new product allows publishers to upload and host their videos inside a video player they can customize and distribute across a variety of connected devices. The cloud-based platform also supports digital rights management, real-time analytics and third-party syndication.

That being said, the offering is very similar to white-label products from Brightcove, Ooyala and others, although the Dailymotion Cloud is priced-based usage rather than the amount of video it stores. For example, it charges 12 cents per hour of video consumed for less than 100,000 hours viewed, with prices decreasing as usage increases.  

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