GPS Fails at Olympics, Twitter Blamed

The [International Olympic Committee] says social media users helped cause problems for traditional broadcasters during the first big event of the London Olympics. Because of a glitch with GPS signals on Saturday during the men's cycling road race, broadcasters were unable to provide television viewers with much information about the location and timings of riders on the 155-mile course. -- Associated Press

NBCproducer: #GPSfail! On the track of the elusive #Olympics #MensRoadCyclingRace! They left from “The Mall” but we couldnt find any malls? Just a palace? Heard they were last seen headed west.

NBCproducer: Found scenic #Stonehenge but only cyclists Belgian tour group. Asked if saw hundreds of men wearing tight spandex. Shocked expressions = #bigmisunderstanding.

NBCproducer: Lands End isnt just a sensible clothing brand, its also a place in England! Think we are too far west though?

NBCproducer: No sign of cyclists in Wales. GPS still malfunctioning, possibly confused by local place names? But made some friends in #Pontrhydfendigaid!

NBCproducer: No luck in Stratford-upon-Avon, but did take great #Shakespeare bike tour. Now wondering why Bard didn’t get bigger role in opening ceremony? Tights and fencing = #Olympicstyle! Romeo and Juliet? #Elizabethansuicidepacts would have fit right in!

NBCproducer: No cyclists in Nottingham, home of the original #OWS. Robin Hood would be happy to know it’s still about smelly misfits in tents.

NBCproducer: Scenic #yorkshire, where’s the pudding? LOL thanks to friendly local farmer who helped me relive classic moments from #AllCreaturesGreatandSmall. Wondering why calving not part of opening ceremony?

NBCproducer: Finally caught up with #MensRoadCyclingRace in Dorking. Cant tell you who won: you have to #tunein to #NBC! And congrats to Kazakhstan’s Alexandr Vinokourov!

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