The Thrilling Numbers Behind Thrillist

Last week Thrillist, the New York-based media and e-commerce company targeted to young men, raised a $13 million Series A round of venture capital. By itself, this is not remarkable news; there are many startups that have raised millions of dollars over the past few years. But if you look at the numbers behind Thrillist, a great story emerges:

2004 is the year that Thrillist was founded.

$2 million is the total amount of money that Thrillist raised prior to the $13 million Series A round last week.

$60 million is the estimated revenue that Thrillist is driving this year. Again, Thrillist accomplished this while raising just $2 million. Compared to other media startups that have raised over a hundred million dollars over the same period of time, Thrillist has made $2 million work harder than virtually anyone else.

More than 200 is the number of people Thrillist now has on staff. They’ve essentially bootstrapped a company that provides salaries to hundreds of people.



Over 4 million is the number of daily subscribers that Thrillist reaches.

Over 20 is the number of markets that Thrillist is currently operating. There are local editions for New York City, L.A., Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Dallas, Seattle, Austin, London, San Diego, Denver, Portland, Minneapolis, Detroit, San Diego, Atlantic City and The Hamptons.

Two is the number of major revenue streams that Thrillist currently has in place. Unlike pure-play media companies that rely almost entirely on advertising, Thrillist also has a potent e-commerce in play, thanks to its Jack Threads unit. The company is redefining what it means to be a media company.

More than $120 million is the estimated valuation of the company at the time of Thrillist’s most recent financing.

By the numbers, Thrillist is a New York media success story. It will be great to watch what happens next now that the company has some significant capital to work with.

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