Seems Like Everything Is About Mobile Right Now (See The Infographic)

By the way, whenever I’m raw blogging these MediaPost events – especially our summits – I get into the zone surrounding the subject matter so much that it seems like everything going on outside MediaPost relates to the specific experience. Hence, I was reading Time magazine’s “The Wireless Issue” on my flight out here yesterday (check it out, it’s a great issue, especially the fact that all the photos on the cover and in the section were shot via mobile devices).

And of course, all the press releases I’m getting this morning while blogging this are about mobile – right? Well, they probably are most days, I’m just noticing them more. So I’ll share one with you right now, because it has one of those cool infographics that seem to sum the whole thing up.

The infographic, “The Age of Apps: Evolution of the Mobile Application,” comes from digital marketing firm Neolane,” and emphasizes the following bullet points:

  • Where will the mobile app market be in 2016? 
  • What makes a branded app successful?
  • Strategies from a tablet app vs. a smartphone app


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