Surprisingly, The Cows Actually Did Come Home At Social Summit

And they were standing in a farm field next to a barn emblazoned with a really big Obama campaign logo. It was one of the slides shown by Obama digital shop Blue State Digital’s Thomas Gensemer, who said that the No. 2 big secret of the campaign was, “crazy people.”

In this case, the crazy person was a farmer who contacted the campaign to inquire what the “correct Pantone colors” were for the campaign’s logo, because he wanted to paint it on his barn.

“And he had a very photogenic cow,” Gensemer quipped, without explaining exactly what the cow’s KPI was, but implying that it somehow contributed to Obama’s social media success. (See Cathy, they really did come home.)

Gensemer said Blue State seized on the passion of Obama’s fervent “ag” base, and worked with other farmers with barns in fields as the campaign was heading into the key Super Tuesday primaries in such agricultural states as Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

I guess they figured out it was a strategy worth milking. As is this bovine metaphor.



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