should Pinterest try to get more men? maybe not

There's been a lot of talk about how Pinterest "needs" to get more male users, but (presuming they can do that) is that a good strategic decision?  Not necessarily, according to Drew Neisser, CEO and founder of Renegade, and Bryan Boettger, chief creative officer, The Buddy Group. According to Neisser, the company's intrinsic value to users might be greater if they keep the female-dominant vibe -- which makes sense to me, because that's where the company came from: the female user base has powered the growth thus far.  If you start tinkering with the overall vibe, it could trigger an exodus or at least commodotize the site, by making it feel like other social sites. But Neisser warns that they are under enormous pressure to grow their user base to achieve a $1 billion valuation. According to Boettger, "I'd much rather they focused on figuring out their business model then trying to get more men on the site." 

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