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Apple Wants 8 Android Smartphones Banned

Patent-infringement win in hand, Apple is trying to hit Samsung where it hurts -- revealing eight Android-supported smartphones it wants banned from the United States.

“With the trial stage just completed last Friday, Apple wasted no time filing a notice with the court identifying which Samsung products it will now seek to have banned in the US.,” The Verge reports.

“Apple's patent suit did not challenge Samsung products launched after the case was filed, models including the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and others,” ReadWriteWeb notes. “Apple’s main target with the injunction is the profitable long tail of Samsung’s mobile-product line. Every Galaxy S II sold is one fewer iPhone sold.”

“Meanwhile, Samsung said that it will ask [U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh] to reverse the jury verdict,” The San Francisco Chronicle reports. “If the judge doesn't overturn the verdict, Samsung said it will appeal.”

"We will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the U.S. market," Samsung responded in South Korea on Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Either way, “the effect on Samsung’s sales will be negligible because Apple’s list only includes older devices that will account for less than 1.4% of the Korean company’s profits next year,” according to Bloomberg, citing comments from Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Mark Newman.

Still, as analysts tell Reuters: “Apple's win on Friday strengthens its position ahead of the iPhone 5's expected Sept. 12 launch and could cement its market dominance as companies using Google Inc's Android operating system … may be forced to consider design changes.”


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