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Nokia Tries Again With Streaming Music Service

Hoping the second times’s a charm, Nokia is taking another crack at the streaming music space.

“And this time, it’s completely ad-free and no cost,” GigaOm writes. “Lumia 710 and 900 device owners can grab it now from the Windows Phone Marketplace to start streaming or customizing their playlists; even when offline.”

“With a US-based team of ‘musicologists’ running the show… users will have access to more than 150 playlists that span all major genres as part of an all-you-can-eat pro bono offering,” according to Engadget.

“It's Pandora without the ads,” as Gizmodo puts it. “Unlike the similar services offered by Samsung and Sony, Nokia Music won't cost you a dime. Not a bad deal, and certainly a reason to consider switching.”

Granted, “Nokia didn’t fare so well with its streamed mobile music service called Ovi Music Unlimited,” TechCrunch recalls.

Bigger picture, ZDNet asks whether a music streaming service can save Nokia and Windows phones. “It's no secret that the Microsoft's Windows Phone platform has been struggling in the face of stiff and unrelenting competition from the iOS and Android platforms,” its notes.

“While the service is one way for Nokia to lure more users to its new smartphone devices, it is also a way to get them using Nokia’s other music services,” TechCrunch adds. “Nokia also has an MP3 store where it offers downloads for a price, similar to iTunes for Apple.”

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