You Can't Spell Happiness Without 'App'

So Coca-Cola developed one -- an app -- to, you know, “make the world a happier place.”

Actually, the app is a new application on Coca-Cola’s Facebook page, which may not yield happiness, per se, but it will at least enable the brand’s fans to “declare their commitment” to spread happiness around the world.

The happiness app, which was unveiled this morning, marks a happy occasion for Coca-Cola on Facebook. No, not its birthday, but its 50 millionth “like” milestone. The goal, the company said, is to turn those likers into happiness makers. How isn’t exactly clear, but the plan is to use the app to enable people to influence and shape ideas and rally others to come up with concepts that make people happier.

In fact, the company said it would “support the selected concept and visionary behind the idea by providing access to teams that will help propel their solution.”

The whole thing will culminate in 2013, when the winning concept is “piloted.”

“[It] could be a new invention, a cause or even a social application – something that can harness the connectivity of the Facebook community to spread happiness around the world,” the company said.

Still not happy with those details? Coca-Cola says more will be unveiled as the initiative “progresses in coming weeks."

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