Big TV Events Grab Viewers, Less Social Media Chatter

Major broadcast TV events continued to get the biggest viewership -- and social media chatter, although the numbers are a fraction of its big-screen presence. Many cable TV events do better.

For example, MTV grabbed the biggest results so far this year from its always high-rated "Video Music Awards" -- some 19.2 million social interactions, according to social media research company Trendrr. These results came from Twitter, Facebook, Get Glue, and Viggle social media areas. The big MTV show registered more than three times that of its social messages in 2011, when the "VMA" took in 5.6 million.

Right behind this year's "VMA" came "Super Bowl XLVI" on NBC, grabbing 17.5 million social messages. The Super Bowl, by far, still gets the top viewership of any TV show every year -- more than 100 million viewers.

CBS' "The 54th Annual Grammy Awards" came next at 17.1 million in 2012 with NBC's recent "2012 Summer Olympics: Closing Ceremony" right behind at 11.7 million.

Next comes BET's "BET Awards '12" at 10.1 million. Lower down the list is NBC's "2012 Summer Olympics: Opening Ceremony" at  7.6 million.

Two of the next four spots went to soccer events: ESPN's "Euro 2012 Soccer: Spain vs. Italy" scored 5.6 million and Fox's "UEFA Champions League Soccer: Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea" at 3.0 million.

ABC had two other events in the top 10: "The 84th Annual Academy Awards" at 4.5 million and the "NBA Finals: Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder" with 3.7 million.

Cable networks had three of the top 10 events in 2012 so far.

When looking at just award shows, cable networks and broadcast networks each had five events, with Viacom networks taking four. BET's "BET Awards" was third best. In addition to the "VMA," MTV did well with "MTV Movie Awards" (1.54 million). Nickelodeon's "Kids Choice Awards" was in seventh place (1.51 million); and ESPN's "ESPY Awards" were in tenth place (927,805).



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